Esmé Clutterbuck

After completing a Fine Art Degree at Portsmouth Polytechnic, Esmé Clutterbuck did a post-graduate in Painting at the Royal Academy Schools and in Printmaking at Central St Martins.

Esmé has many years’ experience of teaching Drawing, Painting and Printmaking on a variety of courses. These include Foundation in Art and Design, BA Fine Art, BA Creative Arts, BA Illustration, and BA Fashion. She has also taught many successful part-time classes and workshops for children and adults of all ages. She enjoys teaching classes where there is a diverse range of ability and experience and tries to constantly develop and refine her ideas about teaching. She is interested in the paradox of seeking to communicate verbally about a non-verbal language. Esmé has been a Tutor at the RWA Drawing School since it began (as Bristol Drawing School) in 2007.

For the past 35 years Esmé has made work which explores the physicality of life, more recently through drawings and prints based on hair – a subject with qualities at once human and ‘other’. She currently uses her photographs as grounds on which to draw and enjoys the endeavour of trying to get two elements, digital image and handmade marks, to co-exist and together make something new. Esmé has exhibited nationally and internationally and shown in numerous Open Exhibitions including the Royal Academy. She has work in Public and Private Collections; is member of BV Studios and a sometime member of Spike Print, Bristol.