Caroline Chourou

 Caroline Chourou MRSS

'Although I use an array of different materials, I am drawn to use paper for its instant transformational possibilities; the materiality of paper and its ability to create an embodied presence when folded and formed, moves it away from being a support for image-making.

Sources of inspiration include the micro/macro in nature, the processes of perception and the relationship between the physical, psychological and the spiritual. Within these broad themes, transformation, connectivity and energy are key.

I am drawn to the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic in seeing the beauty of things incomplete, impermanent and imperfect. In metaphysical terms, wabi-sabi implies that the universe is in constant motion either evolving from nothingness or dissolving towards it. Yet ‘nothingness’ is not believed to be empty, but a soup of unlimited creative possibilities.' 


Gallery Images (from left)

  • Akashic Records (part 2) 
  • As Above, So Below
  • Circuit -earth pigments, 1x3m
  • Cosmic Egg 
  • Genesis
  • Incarnation