Angie Kenber

I am an artist who searches for light, colour and space.

My inspiration is simple. I am a passionate and intense observer of colour matched against colour; visual sensations experienced viscerally as pure emotions of joy and awe. 

I work to capture these cathartic experiences: creating relational tension between juxtaposed or layered areas of colour, and linking the space between with gestural line and texture. 

Influences on my conception of pictorial space and sense of colour include on the  one hand the emotional depth and meaning created by artists such as Howard Hodgkin, and on the other hand the formal arrangements and vibrancy of hues of artworks such as Matisse’s collages and the late screenprints of Wilhelmina Barns-Graham. I work in a variety of media: acrylic paint, print-making and collage.

The relationships are thought about, felt, and created with energetic brush-work followed by careful analysis, and the engagement of the heart and mind.

As my work evolves, my original values hold true; a work is finished when I have balanced the autonomy of each individual shape - negative and positive - within the interdependence of the whole. I seek to evoke a ‘feeling’ through light, colour and space in order to reflect on and capture the full breadth of my emotional connection to the world.