Faith Chevannes

Faith captures fleeting moments and precious glimpses of our fragile natural world. She has developed her own particular brand of imagery which illustrates her emotional response. Drawing is central to the way that she works. She makes small editions of exquisite drypoint etchings which showcase the beauty of the mediums’ irresistible rich velvety burr lines. She also makes mixed media pieces where she uses complex layers of drypoint etching, acrylic, paper, pastel and charcoal to create sublime images of creatures and landscapes. Faith is constantly inspired by her environment, her memory of it and her sense of place. She is fascinated with nature and the ever-changing seasons. She works from her studio in North Cornwall which is near the wild Atlantic Coast, the Tamar Valley AONB and the remote romantic moors of Bodmin and Dartmoor. Faith writes about her inspiration:

‘I see the sheep in scarily steep fields with little tree lines on the high hedges. I see starlings flocking together to pinch the grain from the farmer next door and hear the awesome volume of their chattering and then when they are spooked, the beautiful sound they make with their wings. I see the high Cornish hedges along the lanes bursting with flora and wildlife. I see perfectly constructed nests of baby birds with their funny little faces desperately waiting for the next mouthful from mum. I see the beauty of naked bony winter trees stripped of their leaves.’

She sees families of birds going about their daily life and is concerned about their plight and the destruction of their habitat. She watches them, listens to them, learns from them, documents them, admires them and worries about them. This work led her to research and learn more about sadness and loss of extinction, about the birds which are no longer with us and those which are critically endangered. Recent works depict museum faux dodo models which are mostly Victorian composites made up from plaster, plastic and bird feathers from other species. Her work is recognised Nationally and has been included in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, The Royal West of England Academy, Watts Contemporary, Blackswan Arts, Bath Society of Artists and Delamore Arts. She has collectors worldwide.




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