The history of women in art has tended to be one of defiance and struggle against dispiriting odds, with very few exceptions to encourage them in the fight. In association with the Women with Vision and Women of the RWA, these two, linked day schools explore the achievement of women artists in sculpture and portrait painting - both considered until recently the prerogative of the male hand and gaze.

These day schools are led by Dr Justine Hopkins - a freelance lecturer in Art History. Previously, Dr Hopkins has lectured at the Victoria and Albert Museum; Bristol, London, Oxford and Cambridge Universities; the Tate, National and National Portrait Galleries; Sotheby’s, Christies’ and assorted independent institutions, and is a registered lecturer for NADFAS. 

To Find The Mind’s Construction In The Face: Women Painting Portraits

"Often I have found a portrait superior in real instruction to half-a-dozen written biographies … I have found that a portrait was a small lighted candle by which the biographies could for the first time be read, and some human interpretation made of them."  Thomas Carlyle

This fascinating Day School will explore the careers and contributions of female portrait artists and consider themes around friendship, the 'female gaze' and the role of modern portraiture. Artists studied will include Louise Jopling, Gwen John, Mary Beale, Laura Knight, Maggi Hambling and the day will include a tour of the current exhibition Women with Vision.

For a complete breakdown of  the day, please download the Day School Outline below.



Times & Prices

10.30am - 4.30pm





Day School Outline


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