In October 2016 artist Janette Kerr RWA travelled to the High Arctic and spent three weeks on a tall ship sailing up the coast of Svalbard from Longyearbyen to Fuglefjorden.

The work in this exhibition represents initial responses to a thunder-grey and pale-blue world - encounters with icebergs and glaciers, drifting mist hanging in dark snow-strewn mountains, and a sea of luminous ice.

"Thick ice radiates an ethereal blue, hovering between turquoise with hints of cobalt. Glacial ice becomes extremely dense over years of compression - squeezing, forcing out tiny air pockets between crystals... In my notes I write ‘I can’t put down what I’m seeing… it seems quite insane to be trying’."

Janette Kerr is a painter of extreme landscape and sea. Her journey through the Arctic is charted here.


Ground Floor Gallery


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