Janette Kerr, Night Wood
Janette Kerr, Night Wood

Janette Kerr, Night Wood

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Janette Kerr PPRWA (b. 1957)

Night Wood

oil on canvas

diploma work, gift from a new Academician


Come and take a stroll through Janette Kerr's Night Wood. Kerr is a British painter and a lecturer in drawing, printmaking and painting, as well as being the former president of the Royal West of England Academy. This painting gives a splash of emotion and provokes feelings of the unexpected - what you might get from this journey is what you may not see at first. As you can see she keeps to a dark colour palette eventually leading into a small spark of colour towards the corner. It’s always possible to find a splash of light when all you can see is darkness.


RWA Collection
© the artist. Photo © RWA (Royal West of England Academy)


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