Covid-19 Safety Measures for Drawing School Classes

Covid secure

Updated 30.11.20

We are looking forward to welcoming you back to the RWA for your class and would like to advise you of the precautions that we have taken to ensure that we provide a safe environment for everyone who comes into our building. If you have any suspected symptoms, or are living with anyone with suspected symptoms or are self isolating then please do not come.

We have undertaken a full risk assessment of the gallery and the whole building has had a deep clean and will be cleaned before each class. Social distancing of one meter plus will be maintained during the classes. For classes taking place in our Drawing School Studio there will be a maximum of 6 participants. This will be increased to 10 participants if the class is taking place in the main galleries or in the Life Drawing room in SGS college. The location of your class will be stated on the class page. 


  • All students are required to wear a facemask. Those who have an age, health or disability reason to not wear a face covering please email before your class.
  • You are allowed to wear your own plastic visor instead if you prefer, or you can buy one from us for £1.50. Facemasks are offered for free if you need one.
  • Tutors will either be wearing a clear visor or face mask so participants can see their face clearly.
  • Disposable face masks and nitrile gloves are available to participants to wear. Gloves are not required but available if participants prefer.
  • Models for classes will not be required to wear a mask while modelling but they will when they are not modelling. 

Class Specific

  • The gallery will be open to the public 10am – 4pm, Tuesdays - Sundays from 2nd Jan 2021. Outside of these times, drawing school participants are asked to ring the doorbell as the front door will be closed.
  • All participants will be requested to use either the hand sanitizer or soap and water when entering and leaving the building 
  • Students will be allowed to view the current exhibitions in the main galleries only (not the side galleries), during times when we are not open to the public, to maintain social distancing in the galleries. If students would like to visit the exhibition during times we are open to the public they will need to have booked online in advance. If you are booking for a day when your class is scheduled you will be able to see the exhibition for free, please book as a Friend of the RWA. 
  • Individual tables (or easels) will be setup before participants arrive to ensure appropriate social distancing
  • Pre-prepared materials and supplies will be provided for each individual in a class to relieve movement back to studio or in the studio but you are welcome to bring your own materials for yourself to use if you would prefer
  • Pencils, charcoal and erasers will be used on a rotation basis
  • Our cafe is closed. We would recommend that you bring in your own water bottle and any food for your breaks. However there are a number of alternative cafes within a short distance.

    Movement Around the Building 

    • We have put a one way system in place; left hand stairs up, right hand stairs down. Signage is in place and arrows added to the floor to indicate movement route.
    • Green indicates movement route and red indicates the boundary of the one way.
    • In narrower areas we have placed green waiting boxes. So at the top of the stairs to the toilet you can wait and check to see if anyone is coming up the stairs.
    • Only one person or ‘household’ to use the lift at a time.
    • When a class is taking place in the studio, there will not be a one way system but the space will be set up to maximise available space between people and limit the need for movement during the class.

    Handwash Stations

    • Hand sanitiser is at the main entrance on the left
    • In the Drawing School Studio there is hand sanitiser on the right as you enter and on the left there is the studio sink with soap and water
    • Hand sanitiser is on on the right on leaving the main galleries


    • To help keep social distancing measures in place, main toilet doors will be propped open.
    • Only cubicles to be used
    • If there isn’t anyone using the sink area and there’s a free cubicle then you’re free to enter
    • If there is someone using the sink area please return to the waiting area at the bottom of the stairs and wait for them to leave
    • If you have finished in the cubicle and can hear someone using the sink area please wait for them to finish before leaving the cubicle
    • The accessible toilet will remain open as normal

      Reporting of Covid-19

      • If the RWA is notified that a visitor has contracted Covid-19 then the RWA will comply with the appropriate obligations under the NHS Track and Trace scheme where relevant and where consent given. 
      • If it is believed that there has been an outbreak at the RWA the building will be immediately closed and a thorough clean of the building will be undertaken