Secret Postcard Auction: Artists Revealed!

As many of you will know, all of the postcards in the Secret Postcard Auction were submitted anonymously by professional artists. The identities of who did which postcard has remained a secret - until now! 

On the night of the Secret Postcard Auction, the ten works that had received the most interest were selected to go under the hammer in an exciting live auction. You can find out which artists were responsible for these ten works below.

You can also download the full catalogue to find out the artists behind all 280+ artworks. Click here to open.

This year the RWA Secret Postcard Auction raised an astonishing £45000 - nearly 4x our entire public subsidy - vital funds to continue our work. A massive thank you to all artists, bidders, staff and volunteers involved!

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black ink drawing of hunched figure
drawing of a man with white moustache and beard smoking
painting of the backs of two people holding hands
a trail of red footprints
line drawing of yellow chair
pastel drawing of a woman's face
still life painting on table in front of window
drawing of a woman sitting with crossed legs
drawing of a person on a motorbike riding past trees and fencing