Rebecca Cains

Rebecca is a representational artist whose work captures the less fashionable areas of towns and cities where she grew up and has revisited with renewed vision. They are places in a state of decay, often unnoticed but part of our everyday lives. Much of her work has been based at a local scrap yard where she is visually interested in the haphazard shapes, textures and colours of decayed vehicles stacked together like forms of sculpture.

Her paintings create a haunting poetry about the wrecked detritus of our contemporary world, heightened with the urban environment juxtaposed against a rural landscape. The scenes are devoid of people with the wrecked vehicles taking on a personality of their own. They are undocumented areas which in the future will change or be lost forever. She paints in oils using a limited palette to capture the subtlety and subdued colour of her chosen subject matter.

Rebecca has exhibited widely including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition London, New English Art Club, Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Royal West of England Academy Bristol Autumn Exhibition, Royal West of England Academy National Open Painting Exhibition 2010 where she was awarded 1st prize and was runner up at the Lynn Painter Stainers Prize exhibition 2011, Painters Hall in London.




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