Helen Jones

Penny is a painter based between Bristol and Crete. She paints in oils and watercolours.

Penny obtained a BA in Fine Art Painting in 1999 and her Masters in Fine Art Painting in 2004, both at UWE. In 2007 she worked to establish BV Studios in Bedminster, an artists’ studios offering secure, affordable studio space. The Studios opened in 2010 and is home to over 120 artists and creatives. Penny continues to manage the building.

She also established and ran Motorcade/FlashParade, an artist-led gallery/project space at BV Studios from 2009 to the end of 2013. It provided a platform for emerging artists, particularly from the South West region, and hosted an annual programme of exhibitions and events, including national competitions.

Her work in oils uses photographs from magazines, newspapers or her own snapshots. She identifies a detail she can use and she manipulates the image through the process of painting to make it her own. Her paintings are ambiguous because the image they offer is indefinable and elusive.

Penny also paints in watercolours, relishing the contrast between oils, and a medium that demands complete freedom to behave in its own way. It is her focus on the qualities of purity and transparency of watercolours that stimulate her interest in the natural world.

Penny has been teaching workshops and courses for beginners in watercolours at the RWA for several years and enjoys communicating her own enthusiasm.