Peter Ford

Elle Ford is a Fine Artist working across disciplines, encompassing a range of media including paint, photography, video, sculpture and installation. Elle’s work is about identifying, capturing, revealing and making transparent the elements of experience, influence and interconnections in the creative journey. She is continually searching for a critical, poetic moment, a point to be frozen in time and captured in a sculpture, short video clip or still image in a way that aims to provoke an emotional response in the spectator. Her inspiration is drawn from lifecycles and how all things are linked and interconnected. She explores the tension held in a drip falling, or in a structure on the edge of collapse. The elements of tension are created through entropy and exaggerated through use of fragile forms. A measure of disorder exists in her work in the form of deterioration and decomposition. Materials have undergone some degree of transformation or dramatic change in appearance. Her work refers to the process of penetrating the outwards, recognizable form of an object and arriving at its inner essence.

A current theme in Elle’s work is Carbonisation. Carbonisation results in a transformation of an object to “become” a carbonized facsimile of the original “being” and yet simultaneously challenges the spectator with properties that transcend the captured images outside previous physical experience. This perspective makes you explore life and death and its vulnerability. Here there is no mask.

A strong motivation for Elle is to stimulate uncertainty in the interpretation of her work. For the spectator to question what is going on. Something reaches out and grabs you or it does not. Pushing artistic boundaries and understanding format, framing and context, the outcome is raw and compassionate, even disturbing. Capturing raw emotion, nervousness or uneasiness or something not meant to be captured. The results are uncanny, and are intended to have an unsettling effect on the viewer.




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