Clare Thatcher

Clare Thatcher is a Contemporary British artist with a passion for painting and a thirst for colour. Clare’s work is deeply connected with a sense of place. The locations she chooses and the focus of her attention is highly selective, personal and resonant of individual landscape features, associated thoughts, emotions and reflections. Central to her practice is the use of pure colour which Clare makes from pigment. Clare selects a limited palette and through the impact of colour and surface aims to capture the mood and sensation of an ever changing landscape.

These paintings are Clare’s response to particular landscape features that make reference to transition and the consequences of perpetual flux, and which have had a profound effect on her whilst walking through coastal and tidal areas.

Clare graduated from Bath Spa University in 2015 with an MA Fine Art Degree and from University the West of England in 2014 with a First class BA honours degree in Drawing and Applied Art. Clare has exhibited her work in Belgium, London, Liverpool, Northampton, Manchester, Bristol and Bath, recently showcasing work in the John Moores Painting Prize Exhibition 2018.