Christine Flint Sato

Christine Flint Sato is a British sumi ink artist based in Nara, Japan. She studied calligraphy under Seika Kawabe (Mainichi Calligraphy Organisation) for many years and ink painting under Chinese ink painter Li Geng. She exhibits regularly in Japan and the UK and has won prizes for her artwork.

Stylistically Christine’s paintings range from impressionistic to completely abstract work. She is inspired by the natural world and its patterns, energies and movements. She also uses script: English, Japanese phonetic script and Chinese characters which she tends to see primarily as another form of patterning and secondly as having linguistic meaning.

Sumi ink is a versatile medium, which allows her a wide variety of expressions, from deep black washes to delicate, dry line work. The medium has allowed her to develop a very flexible working method, one which combines the unpredictable with more controlled areas of painting.

Christine has been running sumi ink workshops in the UK and Japan for about 10 years. Her approach is experimental and experiential. While introducing basic techniques, she encourages participants to use sumi ink for their own artistic ends. Workshops typically begin in a more structured way but end very free!

She has also written about the sumi arts. In 1999 her book ‘Japanese Calligraphy: The Art of Line and Space’ was published and in 2014 ‘Sumi Workbook.’ Both are available for purchase. See her website for details.