Ben Rowe MRSS

Ben Rowe MRSSPrimarily working with wood, Rowe creates intriguing objects that draw the viewer into fascinating new worlds. Beginning with science fiction, Rowe now finds inspiration within science and nature to bring to the forefront previously un-noticed, lines, shapes and angles creating complex geometric structures.Rowe undertakes meticulous research into his starting ideas; using geometrical shapes and mathematical laws applied in science and nature, he plays with notions of scale. Pulling down macro-objects such as asteroids and planets and blowing up micro-organisms, molecules and atoms, showing us their often overlooked, complex structures and frameworks, reflecting them back to us, as we encounter these new, and sometimes unrecognisable manifestations.Rowe’s obsessive making process often becomes part of the work itself as he painstakingly crafts objects from scratch, using hand and machine tools. He pushes the boundaries of the materials, using straight lengths to create circles, reconstructing precise angles, lines and intricate polygons. Allowing each piece to evolve, the structure emerges, self-governed by rules of patterns and symmetry to create a tangible 3D line drawing.

Ben Rowe MRSS: Ben Rowe MRSS