Belinda Durrant

Belinda lives in Gloucestershire and works part time as company secretary in her husband's business. She graduated as a (very) mature student from the University of Gloucestershire in 2004 with First Class Honours in Fine Art, Printmaking.Having been a research scientist in a previous existence, observation and attention to detail remain intrinsic to her work, which originated from a questioning of the conceived relationship between body shape and desirability. In the pursuit of perfection, woman has always bowed to the dictates of fashion. She disguises and alters her shape and as she does so, the clothing instrumental in her disguise becomes a metaphor for woman herself. Despite its often constricting discomfort and control, its detailed flawlessness reflects somehow, the secret beauty of its wearer. It tempts, entices and promises the heart's desires. Through these strange powers the garment becomes itself entangled with, even the object of desire. But does woman wear such clothing merely to become the object of desire, or does she do so because in becoming the object of desire she is empowered? Belinda makes representations both of the trapped and of entrapment. Which is true? Her work refers to and reflects but also questions the beauty of the trappings used by woman in her desire to be desirable.



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