March 2014

8 February - 20 March*

Likenesses, Photographs by Judith Aronson

8 February – 20 March*

Likenesses explores the intimate relationship between photographer and subject in a series of portraits taken by acclaimed American photographer Judith Aronson, documenting writers, artists and actors, the portraits include those of literary giants such as Saul Bellow, Seamus Heaney and Salman Rushdie.

5 February - 23 March

Actors and Artifice, Work from the University of Bristol Theatre Collection

5 February – 23 March

Actors and Artifice delves into the internationally renowned holdings of the University of Bristol Theatre Collection to present an intimate exhibition of theatrical portraits in partnership with the RWA.

5 February - 16 March

Idols and Illusions, Photographs from the John Kobal Foundation

5 February – 16 March

Idols and Illusions presents over sixty photographic images from the Golden Age of Cinema, 1925-1960. These now iconic publicity stills portray Hollywood legends, including Audrey Hepburn, Joan Crawford, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart, Buster Keaton, Marlon Brando and Bristol's own Archibald Leach (Cary Grant) going about their everyday business, promoting themselves and their movies.

7 February - 26 March 2014

Oneself As Another, Curated by bo.lee projects

7 February – 26 March 2014

The RWA begins 2014 by presenting a set of themed exhibitions exploring the concept of identity and portraiture. At the core of this series is Oneself As Another, a major exhibition curated in partnership with London-based bo.lee projects, bringing together a select group of painters, sculptors and photographers whose work explores the definition of each individual's sense of 'self'.