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Deep In Thought

Kerstin McGregor was a highly intuitive artist, who regarded the process of creating art as of equal importance to the finished work. Always experimenting, she refused to be hidebound by technique or tradition. Though she regarded the making of artwork as a very serious business, there is an element of playfulness in some of the works in this retrospective. Insofar as there is a theme to the works in the exhibition, it is the living form, be it human or animal, viewed from a uniquely physical, cultural and metaphysical perspective. Cats, birds, people, fish and moths abound.

Although oil painting was Kerstin’s first love, she made and exhibited artworks in a wide variety of media, during a career that lasted more than 30 years. The exhibition focuses, with a few exceptions, on previously unseen works produced in the last decade and a half of her life.

Kerstin described her work as ‘being based on life, but drawn from the imagination’. Her peers have described her work variously as powerful, striking, technically accomplished, at times unsettling, and possessing great strength.

Kerstin McGregor died in January 2012. Despite exhibiting widely in the Midlands and the North of England, and selling works throughout Britain and Europe, she is less well-known in the South West, yet she lived and worked here for nearly 20 years. Kerstin McGregor Retrospective brings her work into the spotlight for a new audience.

6 - 24 April 2013

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