September 2012

Julia Adams

29 September- 08 November Long Gallery

Julia's fascination with life drawing started as an 'A' level student under the tuition of John Eaves. She is concerned with intuitive mark-making from observation and the exploration of the visual elements of line, tone and colour. She uses Indian ink applied with sticks and large brushes for washes. This unpredictable technique keeps the drawings loose and free, capturing the effects of light, shade and form.

Still Waters and Revolutions, Abigail McDougall

31 August - 1 October, Cafe Gallery

This exhibition provides a balanced look at the artist's desire to convey beauty, peacefulness and simplicity, as found in the Japanese woodblock prints of the ukiyo-e period, and traditional Chinese brush paintings; alongside subjects of unrest, protest and challenge.

Colour and Texture: Martin Bentham RWA

29 September to 11 October

Continuing to paint directly in front of his subject allows Martin to capture the true range of natural colours, textures and the unusual shapes that occur - so difficult to create from imagination in the studio.

Chance and Choice II, Peter Ford RE RWA

12 September - 2 October

Extremes of scale typify Peter Ford's second exhibition under the title Chance and Choice.

Ray Rawlings

18 August- 27 September in the Long Gallery - Free admission - All works are for sale.

Architectural and Landscape paintings and prints, including a special section for Railway enthusiasts by watercolour artist Ray Rawlings.

Darwin's Tea Party by Nicole Etienne [medium] [/medium]

Unnatural - Natural History

Exhibition: 14th July - 23rd September 2012

From feathers to folklore. 37 artists blend innovative art and natural history to create a disturbing world.