Join us for a day of fun drawing activities as we celebrate this year's Big Draw, inspired by the theme: 'Draw Tomorrow! What will we look like in the future? And what will shape our city? Help us to create a vision of what life might look like in 3013!

Futuristic Bristol!

What is your vision of Bristol in the future? Help us to design a futuristic skyline, using some of the city's existing key landmarks as a starting point. A big collaborative drawing for all to take part in and enjoy...

Building on the Past

Create colourful collages of what Bristol could look like in the future, using photographer Reece Winstone's exhibition Bristol and Somerset: Vanishing Lives as a starting point. Can you recognise scenes from Bristol's past and imagine what they might look like in the future, or even remember how they look today?

Future Faces

What will we look like in the future? Help us to create a large group portrait of what we may all look like in the future using chalk pens on Perspex, and mums, dads, grandparents and friends as inspiration!

For more information about this year's national Big Draw campaign please visit The Big Draw website.

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Saturday 19 October 11am - 3pm

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