Three of the students from the University of Bristol’s MA History of Art collaborative Curatorial Unit will be leading a tour of the exhibition, discussing the exhibition’s themes and their choice of works.

An exhibition marks a moment. It can define a movement, highlight an artist or characterise an institution. The RWA boasts a rich and fascinating history of past exhibitors and exhibitions dating back to its inaugural group show in 1845. Since then it has shown Canaletto, Rembrandt and Velasquez in a celebration of old masters, as well as bringing Gauguin, Bonnard and Rodin to the provinces in a seminal RWA exhibition on French Modern Art, 1930. This spring the RWA will be working with students on the University of Bristol’s MA course in Art History to curate an exhibition that explores our ‘collective exhibition history’.

Remembering Exhibitions

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Wednesday 29 May 1pm

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