Bath-based ceramicist Peter Hayes will be discussing how travel has become an integral part of his creative process.

As an artist, Hayes has always been interested in why and how ‘things’ are made of clay, and is naturally drawn to the timelessness of shapes found in artefacts and objects from other cultures. He has explored the theme of erosion and change, with each individual piece taking on its own developing surface, history and aesthetic.

In this talk he will explain the different processes of erosion used in his work, including the use of minerals, like iron and copper, and the effects of sanding to create texture and cracks.

Hayes has worked as a potter and ceramic sculptor in Africa, India, Japan and New Mexico, working with tribes and village potters. His work is in the public collection of The Scottish National Gallery, The Museum of Modern Art Jamaica, The Museum of Modern Art Brussels and The Silver Collection, California, amongst others.

Saturday 4 May, 11am

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