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In these two linked Art History Day Schools, discover the achievement of women artists in sculpture (Day One - READ MORE) and portrait painting (Day Two - READ MORE), and how Vanessa Bell, Dod Procter, Barbara Hepworth, Elisabeth Frink, Maggie Hambling and others pushed the boundaries of this male-dominated discipline. 

The history of women in art has tended to be one of defiance and struggle against dispiriting odds, with very few exceptions to encourage them in the fight. One of these exceptions has always been the RWA. From its earliest beginnings, supported and to a large extent funded by Bristol artist Ellen Sharples, the Academy has recognised and celebrated the vital contribution of women to art more robustly than any other major art institution. In London the Royal Academy had no elected female members until Laura Knight in 1936 ~ by which time Yda Richardson was just completing her term as the second of the RWA’s four women Presidents.

In association with the exhibition Women  of the RWA, these two linked days schools explore the achievement of women artists in sculpture and portrait painting ~ both considered until recently the prerogative of the male hand and gaze. Find out how women such as Vanessa Bell and Dod Procter, Barbara Hepworth, Elisabeth Frink and Maggie Hambling asserted their abilities in these challenging disciplines, not only matching the skills of their male contemporaries but pushing the boundaries of art itself.

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£30 per day, £55 for days




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