We are grateful to our Patrons for their generous support


Keith & Gill Bonham
Russ & Linda Carr
Consumer Intelligence Ltd
Sarah & Tony Kenny
Effie & Michael Romain
Nicole Sherwood
Sir James & Lady Tidmarsh
and others who wish to be anonymous  


Derek Balmer PPRWA
Norman Biddle
Michael Clarke
Maria Crayton & Maddie Burnell
Kathy Curling
Edward & Maire Cussen
Jill & Colin Dunmore
Roger Gallannaugh
Kathleen & Paul Gough RWA
Joan Hawkins & Bernard Fennell
Clive Hetherington
Rosalind & Cameron Kennedy
Bridget McCrum RWA
Christopher & Mere Moorsom
Simon Quadrat PPRWA
Geoff & Jenny Sharman
Gill & Guy Stobart
Peter & Lesley Stoppard
Renee Thornton
Martin Wright & Stephane Darc
John Wood
Joanna & Charles Wyld
Andrew & Rosemarie Yates

The RWA is a Registered Charity (No 1070163) and has relied on the generosity of individuals since its inauguration in 1844, when Patrons included Prince Albert, the Prince Consort, and Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

By supporting the RWA as a Patron, you are enabling this outstanding historic institution to fulfil its role as a regional centre for excellence in the visual arts, showcasing exceptional talent and bringing the best of British and international art to Bristol.

There are different levels of Patron membership available, so you can choose one to suit your requirements and budget, and payment may be made in installments if preferred, starting at £25 per month for Bronze single and £37.50 for Bronze joint membership.


Bronze includes:

Bronze £300+ single, £450+ joint p.a.


Silver includes benefits for Bronze plus:

Silver £1,000+ p.a.


Gold includes benefits for Silver plus:

Gold £5,000+ p.a.

If you would like a private discussion about becoming a Patron or Benefactor, please contact Alison Bevan, Director, on 0117 906 7603