Art in your Workplace
Photography © Max McClure

Beautiful art is meant to be seen

The RWA runs a scheme where businesses can enjoy outstanding works of art every day in their places of work. Art enriches people’s lives and can have a huge and positive impact on our environment. It has the ability to transform the atmosphere of a room and provide an exciting talking point. Paintings and sculptures are the perfect addition to any meeting room or foyer and by seizing the opportunity this loan scheme provides you are able add something special and unique to your Business. In addition, you will be helping the RWA to continue encouraging the visual arts and supporting new talent.

Our collection consists of over 1300 pieces of art of the highest standard across all genres and in every medium. Painting, drawing, fine art print and sculpture all provide fantastic examples of both figurative and abstract work. Ours is one of the region’s best collections of fine art and the wide variety of subject matter and styles means there’s something to appeal to everyone. The only challenge is how to choose!

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