Untitled (Moonshine) [medium] [/medium]

Untitled (Moonshine)

Every Sicilian Cloud (Part 1) [medium] [/medium]

Every Sicilian Cloud (Part 1)

Girl in a Pizza Place [medium] [/medium]

Girl in a Pizza Place

The Country Lane [medium] [/medium]

The Country Lane

There was a massive shift in painting around 1420 in Bruges at The Guild of St Luke with the use of optics. Luke’s work explores the undying and underlying link between photography & painting, through staged, historically referenced works. In virtually any size from metres to centimetres, for hall, mantle, gallery or private collection.

Mitchell Luke

Residence: Bristol

Profession: Painter & Photographer

Website: http://lukemitchelllevi.com

Email: contact@lukemitchelllevi.com