Anouk Mercier was born in Paris where she studied classical drawing at the Beaux Arts before moving to Bristol to complete a BA honours degree in Fine Art and Visual Culture from UWE in 2008.

Anouk’s drawings rely on the nostalgia of Romanticism, mythology and storytelling to depict melancholic worlds and characters. Her work combines fragments from 17th and 18th Century landscape etchings, references to vintage postcards as well as her own mark making, to confuse the boundaries of what is ‘real’, creating a dream-like quality and encouraging the viewer to create fantastical narratives.

Celebrating the power of the imagination to escape the quotidian and the mundane, her work presents a continuous search for escapism whilst also exploring the mysterious, the abysmal and the uncanny that often lurks behind idylls.

Mercier Anouk

Profession: Fine Artist