Debbie Locke was born in London and now lives and works in Gloucestershire. She attained her BA (Hons) - Fine Art: Painting degree at UAL Wimbledon in 2009 and has exhibited widely across the UK. Drawing forms the basis of her practice as, for her, it is the most immediate and expressive way to record her on-going investigations into the process of ‘mapping’. She’s particularly interested in exploring what transpires when something as clinical and exact as measurement, is exposed to chance and random interference. In order to study the disparity between logical and irrational behaviour, she creates environments where rules and boundaries can be broken and crossed, by simultaneously imposing and relinquishing control. This often takes the form of kinetic drawing installations, comprising of wall-based autonomous drawing machines which communicate with each other via Bluetooth, attempting to emulate the marks each one make. These installations run continuously over several days, creating documents as evidence of the process. Based on clinical data alone these drawings should be identical, however, by adopting, in part, a ‘Heath Robinson’ approach in the mechanism’s assembly, she can challenge the notion of the infallibility of machines and add an element of play and humour to the work. This hopefully enables the resultant drawings to escape the confines of their initial deterministic methodology and achieve the unexpected.

Locke Debbie

Profession: Artist