Bartosz was born in Poland, raised surrounded by ubiquitous surreal images of Polish theatre posters. Since childhood intrigued by hidden meanings of Stasys Eidrigevicius’ illustrations, began to translate his own worlds into the language of visual arts, but it was not until 2008 when the creative process gathered its momentum and Bartosz decided to share it with the world. Bartosz works in both digital and traditional media, with an emphasis on the latter. Using simple tools like pencil or pen and ink he tries to reveal his subject’s state of mind or soul, be it a dreamless void or melancholy. Very often his subjects are long gone, so he tries to act as a camera obscura of their traces. Bartosz’s artwork has found a place in private collectors’ houses and recently he had the privilege of being accepted for the 159th Open Exhibition in RWA. He currently lives in Bristol.

Jekiel Bartosz

Profession: Fine Artist