The Snowball Gang is an artwork practice using handmade recycled paper snowballs as its building blocks. The name, the Snowball Gang, is what I chose in order to communicate the invitation to other people to become involved as well as referring to the artworks that would build up through various activities. Play is paramount as is the connection to my youth, the snowbound Yukon. These snowballs don’t melt! The expressiveness of their shape is vast: joy, violence; dynamism, stillness.The artworks may appear fleetingly in the landscape preserved by photograph, or they may be planned as deliberate purpose-built pyramids designed as a site-specific temporary installation. These are collaborative projects created either for purely visual effects or, more ambitiously, for fundraisers. Volunteers might include a retired engineer wanting a design challenge or children and adults of all ages and persuasions, wanting to make a snowball or organise groups of makers. The result is everybody’s. The snowballs themselves can be recycled and added to another project! The Snowball Gang began in 2006 as a distillation of Sybil Edwards’ unconventional artistic experience, first, as a ‘commercialised’ Decorative Folk Art painter, teacher and author, then as a maker of papier mache and paper clay objects. The shift into fine art came with the creation of ‘The Lyrical Tale of Bisley’ and a conceptual exhibition entitled ‘Yukon Home Made’. Project work with Patrick Dougherty and David Behar Perhia added the final ingredient: social art!

Edwards Sybil

Profession: Sculptor and Installation Artist