Alfred Rozelaar Green studied physics, mathematics and engineering at Cambridge University. In 1937 he left to go to the Central School of Art and the following year went to Paris to study at the Academie Julien and then with Gromaire, mainly drawing and sculpture.

In 1945 he returned to London to start the Anglo-French Art Centre. Which invited artists from Paris such as Germaine Richier and Andre Llhote to teach students. Henry Moore, Victor Passmore and Graham Sutherland also taught there. Following the school's closure in 1951 Rozelaar Green went back to live in France in Luberon in Provence where he and his wife rebuilt a 13th century farmhouse.

He travelled to Turkey, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia recording his interpretation of the landscape. In 1976 he moved to a north-east corner of Paris where a large derilect engineering workshop was turned into his new studio.

Rozelaar Green Alfred, RWA

Date of Birth: 1917
Place: London
Profession: Painter