Fired Stone [medium] [/medium]

Fired Stone

Above and Below [medium] [/medium]

Above and Below

Flying Home [medium] [/medium]

Flying Home

Alternating Reflection [medium] [/medium]

Alternating Reflection

Divide and Unite [medium] [/medium]

Divide and Unite

Late in the day [medium] [/medium]

Late in the day

Maxine Relton graduated from Camberwell College of Art in London in 1975 with First-Class Honours and Distinction in Sculpture and Printmaking before completing her MA from the Slade School of Fine Art in London. She has since remained a full-time, independent artist working across a variety of disciplines. Her home and studio are now based in Gloucestershire from where she runs a 3-storey gallery of her work that can be visited any time by arrangement. She runs art courses for people of all ages and abilities at home and abroad and twice-yearly leads a Sketchbook Journey to India.

Of her work, Maxine says: “Although drawing plays a central role in all my work, I like to re-cast ideas in a wide variety of art forms, moving between sketch, print, painting, photograph, drawing and sculpture as a way of questioning and reshaping my perceptions. It helps me towards a better understanding of the world around me”.

Maxine’s work is held in private collections in many countries, has received a number of awards and featured in various publications, as well as on television. She was elected to the RWA in 2006, has served on the Exhibition Committee and the Board of Trustees and continues to exhibit widely.

Relton Maxine, RWA

Birthplace: Surrey, England

Profession: Full-time independent artist

Contact email: