“My work celebrates the beauty of the raw elements of nature – contemplations on primal energy, chemical fusion and geological activity. I seek inspiration from varied sources - from physical experience of rock surfaces, microscopic images, visions of the expanding universe and satellite macro-imagery of Earth’s surface. I make abstract paintings which enable a synthesis to evolve from the complexity, diversity and interconnectedness of the natural world.

In the process of making these paintings I seek a fluid and restless sense of balance – between form and space, movement and stillness, substance and illusion. These paintings appear freeze-framed at a specific point in their evolution – poised between the contrasting states of resolution and quest. They are a fragment of a wider reality and I have a sense that each image could continue far beyond the confines of the canvas itself.

I aim to make paintings which inspire a sense of connection with the natural world and which engage the viewer actively in the non-verbal experience – the transformational experience - of the sustained gaze.”

Ione Parkin is a painter and printmaker based in Bath, UK. She has exhibited nationally and internationally for over twenty years, holding solo shows in London, Cambridge, Bristol, Bath and Baltimore (USA). Her work is in numerous private and corporate collections including Reuters HQ. She has been an elected member of the Royal West of England Academy since 2006.

; Duchas Heritage Service, Dublin; Premier Steel, Dublin; Mullis & Peake, Essex; and Taylor Vinters Solicitors, Cambridge.

Publications include “Collecting Original Prints” by Rosemary Simmons (A & C Black, 2005) and “50 Wessex Artists” (Evolver, 2006).

Her work has been informed by extensive travel - glaciers, volcanic terrain, mountain ranges, limestone plateaux, jungles and caves. She also draws on secondary material - in particular, aerial photographs and microscopic images. Form and motion underlies such diversity of scale and place. She has spent a period of time and studio work in New York, absorbing particularly the influence of Abstract Expressionism.

The artist says of her work: 'My work is concerned with the elemental processes of landscape. I combine an intuitive and tactile exploration of the physicality of the painting medium with a response to natural phenomena, the forces of geological activity and the development of organic form… Each painting becomes like a fossil-bearing surface, revealing tracks and traces. The work eventually sets into its new-found form, freeze-framed in time and motion. This is a point of unstable equilibrium where the contrasting states of resolution and quest co-exist.

'The paintings function as a microcosm – a finely balanced and sustainable system where each of the complex variety of marks makes a vital and unique contribution to the success of the whole. A state of fragile stability is achieved between clarity and diffusion, between the relative densities of substance and space, between structure and chaos.'

Parkin Ione, RWA

Ione Parkin RWA

Painter and printmaker

Date of Birth: 19.10.65, Oxfordshire