Black sun (setting 2060) [medium] 91 x 101 cm [/medium]

Black sun (setting 2060) 91 x 101 cm

Whitesands bay [medium] 25cm x 31 cm [/medium]

Whitesands bay 25cm x 31 cm

Crossing the Border, Dolomites [medium] 91 x 101 cm [/medium]

Crossing the Border, Dolomites 91 x 101 cm

Gareth Edwards is represented by the Hart Gallery in London and The Milennium Gallery in ST.Ives , Cornwall .

Gareth Edwards graduated in 1984 with a BA Hons in Art History from London University Board .He has been working as an artist from that time .He went on to study for an ATC post Graduate qualification at Goldsmiths College in London .

After several years of exhibiting independently across London including shows at the Almeida theatre and the Woodlands Gallery in Greenwich , Edwards recieved representation from the Hart Gallery in London and has , as a consequence exhibited with them since 1998 including ten one - person shows and many group exhibitions including the London Art Fair and the Geneva Art Fair.

Since leaving London for Cornwall in 2000 with his wife and two young daughters Gareth has been made a memberof the Newlyn Society of Artists ( NSA ) and subsequently has been selected regularly for exhibitions at the Newlyn and Exchange Galleries , including curating a large installation of art books and art works in the exchange gallery as part of the highly successful collaborations project in 2010.

He is also represented in Cornwall by the renowned Millennium Gallery in ST.Ives which held his successful 'ARS POETICA-the sea the sea ' one - person show in 2011.

In 2004 , 2006 Gareth exhibited one-person shows of sculpture and paintings respectively at the Lemon Street Gallery in Truro , who represented his work at the Miami Art Fair .

In 2004 Gareth Edwards won the National Maritime Museum's Annual Arts Bursary which resulted in an installation of sound and paintings in the museum .The exhibition further enabled him to win an Arts Council Award for the production of an accompanying catalogue .

For several years concurrently Gareth has been selected for the RWA's annual Open Autumn Exhibition and subsequently was voted in as an RWA Academician in 2005 .

Gareth's work has developed recently into an in-depth study of nature through painting and sculpture . He has left behind pure abstraction and now uses highly expressive use of texture , colour and paint to create emotionally intelligent paintings full of light and space that firmly places Edwards in the english tradition of poetic landscapes that can be traced back to Turner .There is no aplogy for this high romanticism , in fact the opposite is true , his work is a contemporary update on a celebration of the undeniable importance of the Engish tradition of poetic landscape painting . Edwards continues to live in Cornwall , now relocated Lamorna Cove in West Penwith .A one-person show is due to open at the Millennium Gallery in the spring of 2013 entitled 'Natural Capital' and he has been selected for a large exhibition at the Plymouth City Gallery setting out to showcase contemporary responses to the Gallery's collection of Newln School of Artists works .There will be a fully illustrated catalogue accompanying the show .

Edwards Gareth, RWA

Date of Birth: 1960
Place: London
Profession: Painter