Creative Thinking: Creative Working

Creative Thinking: Creative Working

Being creative is the most basic, essential human motivator and driver in all types of organisations and in life.  It is in every single job description, whatever the rank, role or sector.  It usually means the ability to spot opportunities for improvement and the confidence to take action: to launch new businesses, create new products and services, simpler, improved, more customer-focused business processes, new projects, new ways of communicating, problem solving, better team and cross-team working …

Most leaders and teams often fully appreciate this need, yet how many of us believe we are not creative? ‘Habit blindness’ means we continue with old work-arounds, inefficiencies and blocks. 

This inspirational one-day workshop, run in conjunction with training experts, Open Limits, will help you to stop the business, take a step back, think, experiment, even play; and give you some essential ingredients to release your own and your organisation’s creative thinking.

During the day you will take part in two artistic projects, led by the RWA’s leading artist academicians, including RWA President Stewart Geddes.  You will

  • Discover and strengthen your own powers of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Find where you and your team’s individual creative processes are inhibited
  • Explore where your own personal and environmental constraints and blocks may be
  • Find ways to remove these constraints to release the innovative energy that is in all teams
  • Solve problems earlier and faster
  • Make better decisions
  • Give each other constructive feedback
  • Get fired up again after setbacks
  • Inspire collaboration and improved process adoption
  • Replace ‘do-do-do’ with ‘plan-do-review’ 

If you would like to discuss how you could benefit from taking part in a Creative Thinking: Creative Working workshop, contact Kate Foster on 0117 973 0938 or

Creative Thinking Creative Working activities are led by RWA President, Stewart Geddes and RWA Academician, Lucy Austin.