Amanda Chambers is a multi-disciplinary fine artist. Her work is primarily concerned with our proximity to the past and the exploration of its residual traces found in archaeology, the built and natural environment and archival and collection sources.

It seeks to establish a physical connection: in doing so, exploring how history may become inherited, personalised and present. Further themes of authenticity, reverence and the legacy of historic subjects and their narratives are examined. Unlike heritage curation, the artistic process may re-tell, invent or extend divergent concepts.

Often stimulated by textual sources, the work is developed through a range of media including drawing, ceramics, sculpture, photographic and printing techniques and video.

Amanda has worked with international collections such as the Natural History Museum, The National Trust and the Bodleian Library.

Her recent project on the life of 20th century writer Sylvia Townsend Warner entitled, 'Quiet Revolutions', has been published this year in the international ceramic magazine Ceramic Review (May / June 2016) and in the literary journal of the Sylvia Townsend Warner Society (Summer 2016).

She will embark on a residency in Japan in 2017 to explore experimental techniques in ceramics and sculpture.

Her practice is based at BV Studios in Bristol, UK.



Location: Bristol

Profession: Multi-disciplinary fine artist