May 2013

With University of Bristol

Lunchtime Exhibition Tour: Remembering Exhibitions

Wednesday 29 May 1pm

Three of the students from the University of Bristol's MA History of Art collaborative Curatorial Unit will be leading a tour of the exhibition, discussing the exhibition's themes and their choice of works.

Mayfest: 97 Years by Jo Helier

Friday 17 - Sunday 19 May, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm

In an interactive installation, one performer delicately works through a series of conversations between her and her grandfather.

Action / Assemblage: Drawing Together

4 May and 19 May 2013 Performance 1: 2.30pm Discussion: 3.30pm Performance 2: 4pm

Sign art poetry is created and delivered entirely in sign language. Researcher Kyra Pollitt will be curating this 'happening' in the The Drawing Lab as part of her doctoral research. She will be inviting visitors to join members of HATCH in drawing on paper to record, investigate and respond to the sign artist.

Lecture: Earth, Fire, Water - Peter Hayes CANCELLED

Saturday 4 May, 11am

Bath-based ceramicist Peter Hayes will be discussing how travel has become an integral part of his creative process. As an artist, Hayes has always been interested in why and how 'things' are made of clay, and is naturally drawn to the timelessness of shapes found in artefacts and objects from other cultures. He has explored the theme of erosion and change, with each individual piece taking on its own developing surface, history and aesthetic.

Art History Day School: French and British Impressionists, Jennie Spiers

Saturday 11th May, 10am-4pm

This popular one day course will be looking at the works of French artists such as Manet, Monet, Renoir, Degas and Berthe Morisot alongside British artists such as James Guthrie, Stanhope Forbes, Walter Sickert and Laura Knight.

Why Draw? Panel discussion

Saturday 18 May

The RWA is hosting a panel discussion examining the role and relevance of drawing, providing a space for critical debate and creative conversation. The panel will explore the question of 'why we draw' and 'how we draw', considering its relationship to other mediums and art forms.

Drawn Exhibition Tour

Saturday 18 May, 12pm

Selection panel member Janette Kerr PRWA will be providing a tour of the exhibition, discussing some of the exhibition's themes and selected works.

Artist Residency: Debbie Locke

For an up-to-date list of dates when artists will be working in the space please call the RWA on 0117 973 5129 or check the website

Artist Network member Debbie Locke will be exploring her practice as part of an on-going exploration in her work into the process of 'mapping'.

Artist Residency: Karen Wallis

For an up-to-date list of dates when artists will be working in the space please call the RWA on 0117 973 5129 or check the website

Artist Network member Karen Wallis will be working in the space, responding to the exhibition's range of different drawing methods by making a collection of drawings created through interaction with visitors to the gallery. This collection will exist in two forms: a physical object in the gallery and a virtual version online. The form of both versions will directly reflect the content of the exhibition and be made in response to interaction with visitors, the exhibiting artists and staff at the gallery.

Drawing Machines Family Drop-in, Debbie Locke

Wednesday 3 April, 11am-3pm Wednesday 29 May, 11am-3pm

Creating drawing machines out of simple materials

Drawing Mum and Dad Family Workshop, Anouk Mercier

Thursday 28 March, 10-11.30am, 10-11.30am Thursday 30 May, 10-11.30am

A fun and informal workshop for both children, parents and grandparents.

Scribble and Sketch, Anouk Mercier

Saturdays:13 April*, 11 May, 8 June, 13 July, 10 August, 10.30am-1pm

Scribble and Sketch offers a morning of fun and informal drawing workshops and exercises for families, led by Bristol Drawing Club founder and artist Anouk Mercier. Suitable for all ages and abilities.