I am a contemporary abstract painter based in near Chippenham, Wiltshire. My work examines the balance between chance and control and I am fascinated by the movement and materiality of paint. My paintings are made by manipulating paint mixtures of varying viscosities and colours, using gravity and the laws of physics to dictate the paint’s movement. The results of this process are dictated by a myriad of factors including temperature, surface, viscosity and chemistry and are unrepeatable.

“Chance must be recognised as a new stimulus to artistic creation.” Dada.

My paintings navigate the space between the abstract and the figurative. They are subjective landscapes in the mind’s eye of the observer and are inspired by satellite photographs of the earth. I aim to engage the viewer in a non-verbal experience as if an imaginary world was being seen from space, communicating feelings and emotions unconstrained by objective reality.

Website: www.judithbeeby.com

Location: Wiltshire

Profession: Painter