Creative Christmas Advent Calendar: Homemade Wrapping Paper

Drawing School tutor Sally Muir demonstrates how to create festive gift wrap with a canine twist...

"This design is great for any animal-lovers you know and is really simple to achieve. If you recycle brown or coloured paper, it can be an environmentally-friendly option too." 

"Take a medium sized potato and cut it in half. Cut the largest part of your image into the potato with a scalpel. It's best to keep the design simple and to separate the elements of the design into two or three elements/stages. Cut potato away from around image.
Paint the design with gouache or watercolour paint. Now you're ready to stamp! I used one potato for the dog's body, one for the wings, and the collar was achieved by painting a small rectangle of potato that was left over."

Sally Muir will be leading a Dog Drawing workshop on the 26 February.

RWA Creative Christmas Calendar

This Christmas, try something new, be inspired or even create a unique gift for someone very special as RWA a host of creative Christmas ideas, tips and activities.From Thursday 1 December, the RWA will post gorgeous artworks from the permanent collection, creative challenges from RWA Drawing School Tutors, exclusive competitions and some festive surprises on the RWA blog, Facebook and Twitter. 

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